Services to Legal Community

Services to Legal Community

As you can see from my Legal Education and Experience post and Curriculum Vitae, my training as a lawyer may have begun in an orthodox manner, but the Lord has been finishing my training since 1991 in His own unique way.  As with all things in Christ, the purpose of that training and experience has been to bless others, whether     clients, other attorneys, judges, government workers, police officers, politicians or someone else.  Some of the ways the Lord has given me to serve are set forth below.

Seminars.  Since the mid-90s, I have done CLE seminars for attorneys on a wide variety of legal topics.  Many of those seminars have been on law practice management and technology as I not only ran an Internet Service Provider and law office consulting firm in Vermont for several years, but was also Chairman of the Vermont Bar Association’s Technology/Economics in the Law Office Committee for years.  Those experiences, coupled with the extraordinarily diverse legal practice that the Lord has given me, have given me a perspective on the practice of law in a variety of environments that enables me to help others with their practice from a uniquely Christian perspective.  Give me a call to discuss how I might be able to design a seminar or series of seminars to help your law firm, government office, group or the like to better serve Christ.

Legal Apprenticeship.  In Vermont (and a few other States) you can still apprentice for four years to become a lawyer, rather than having to pay for three years of law school.   Frankly, much like with home schooling, I think this is the best way to prepare yourself for a successful legal career, if done correctly.  Not only do you graduate with practical experience, you get to observe real professionals in action, efficiently study the fundamentals of the law so that you can turn to those areas that you want to focus upon and best of all, you emerge without any debt so you are free to pursue the path you desire from the get go.  If you are interested in undergoing what the Vermont Supreme Court calls the Law Office Study Program under my tutelage please be in touch.

Legal Discipleship.  Many Christians, who practice law or are in fields relating to the law, want the Lord to inhabit their work, but they do not have anyone they can turn to for guidance.  As a Minister of the Gospel, who has seen my legal practice to be an extension of the ministerial work the Lord has given to me since 1991, I have a lot of experience walking that out.  Frankly, in the beginning, it was quite terrifying.  In the world, I had achieved great success as an attorney with an elite firm in New York City, but I had no idea how to serve the Lord in the practice of law.  Over the years, the Lord has shown me many things that I am sure could be of help to you. Give me a call if you are interested in pursuing a legal discipleship relationship with me.

Consulting.  As a long-time general practitioner and consultant on law office technology and practice management, I find that many lawyers and/or law firms simply need someone they can talk to that they know is one hundred percent on their side and trustworthy.  Such needs may be as brief as a one-time, one-hour consultation; periodic like someone you like to check in with periodically to discuss how things have been going and where you see yourself headed; or intensive for a period of time for one reason or another.  Know that it is my joy to help other attorneys succeed, particularly in those things that the Lord has called them to do.  Just give me a call.

Co-Counsel.  Many young attorneys, sole practitioners, and even some small firms benefit from more senior oversight or counsel.  Other attorneys who, like me, may have come to know the Lord after they already were practicing law may benefit from having a Christian voice they can trust to help guide them on particular cases as they learn to walk by faith in their practice.  Whatever your situation may be, know that I am pleased to bring my years of experience to bear to help your clients through a co-counsel relationship where appropriate.  Just give me a call to discuss your particular needs.