Discipleship Teaching

The Fishermen Ministry believes that all who accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour are called to be ministers and disciples.  Our job is simply to help believers find their calling and teach them to walk in it.  For those who are interested in studying for the ministry under The Fishermen Ministry, we have set down the following information on discipleship to clarify our position.

The applicant for discipleship must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
  2. Been baptized in water by immersion or desire to be so baptized.
  3. Received the baptism of the Holy Spirit or desire to be so baptized.
  4. Desire to identify and walk in their calling in the Lord Jesus Christ.

When all parties involved have agreed to a discipleship relationship, a covenant shall be undertaken between the minister chosen to teach the Disciple, and the Disciple.  This will involve a commitment by the minister to earnestly strive to not require anything from the Disciple that the Lord has not shown him or her to do and to not lie to or deceive the Disciple.  The Disciple is to commit himself or herself to learn all he or she can about the Lord from his or her minister and to walk in that knowledge, not to lie or deceive the minister, and to not receive or speak anything adverse about the minister from anyone without the minister being present to defend himself or herself.

Discipling will involve the following:

  1. The Disciple will study the Holy Bible (1611 King James version) by private reading, and by joining with others for Bible Study and group discussions.
  2. The Disciple will learn the meaning of obedience to the Lord and how to make it an everyday part of their life.  This will be done by the Disciple learning obedience to their teacher.
    1. At no time will the Disciple be required to go against their own convictions or to break the law by being obedient to their teacher.
    2. At no time will the Disciple be required to clear with their teacher anything to do with their personal life.  This includes to the type of job, where you live, your marriage, etc...  If advice is asked for before a decision is made or if the Bible gives clear instructions in the matter, it will then be discussed.
  3. The Disciple will be called upon and expected to go with their teacher on ministry calls, i.e. hospitals, counseling, etc...
  4. The Disciple will be expected to attend church, prayer meetings, Bible studies, etc... held by The Fishermen Ministry’s local church or prayer group.
  5. The Disciple will be expected to assist the minister, as called upon, in the above services.
  6. All Disciples and ministers in The Fishermen Ministry agree that they shall not take their disputes before the civil authorities, but rather any and all disputes between them shall be resolved within The Fishermen Ministry, in accordance with the Bible and the procedures established, from time to time, by The Fishermen Ministry.  This provision of the covenant shall endure, for any and all disputes that arise as a result of transactions or occurrences during the period of discipleship, even after the discipleship covenant has ended.
  7. The Disciple will be expected to faithfully tithe to his or her minister and give offerings to The Fishermen Ministry.

The purpose of discipleship is to help the disciple identify his or her calling in the Lord and teach him or her to walk in it.  Many people who seek a ministry turn to a seminary for their training.  This seminary training, if ratified, is a type of Discipleship.  We believe, however, that most seminaries have lost their vision and ceased to teach their Disciples (i.e. Students) the teachings and ways of the Lord Jesus Christ, and replaced them with the teachings and ways of man.  Discipleship, therefore, as taught by this ministry is simply a form of “on the job training.”  It is in place of a formal seminary, with the purpose of teaching the Disciple (Student) the Word of God, the commandments of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and the way He would have us to walk.

Emphasis must be placed on the Disciple’s individuality and his or her personal call by the Lord.  The Body of Christ is made up of many members and not all are the same, nor are all called to do the same.  But together, through each individual purpose, their goal is to perform one thing and that is to glorify God, the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and to bring all men to the knowledge of the salvation that comes through and by Jesus Christ our Lord.  As the Disciple grows into the ministry, he or she will be licensed and/or ordained by The Fishermen Ministry.