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Water Baptism

At our recent Ministers’ Convention, I had the privilege of baptizing a young man in water. In doing so, it reminded me of how many Christians do not understand the purpose and significance of baptism generally and water baptism specifically. Christian water baptism is not a baptism of repentance, like John the Baptist preached, but rather...
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Who is a Minister?

Who Is A Minister? Last week we held our annual Ministers’ Convention. It was a great week for all who attended as well as for those who listened to the messages remotely. Our focus was on First Timothy, though all were encouraged to read 1st & 2nd Timothy as well as Titus before coming, as those...
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Discipleship is the biblical means for training members of the Body of Christ. Just as we are to have a personal relationship with our Saviour, a disciple has a personal relationship with his teacher. There is no formula for how the Lord will choose to move through that relationship. Instead it is a relationship based...
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