Welcome to my blog. My name is Steve Atherton and I am a Christian Lawyer.  To some that may suggest that I handle First Amendment freedom of religion cases or try only just causes. In my case, it simply means that I am a Christian who happens to be an attorney. My practice, since becoming a Christian, has been an extension of the ministry the Lord has given to me.  If you are interested in my legal practice, visit www.shalaw.com.

This blog is a platform for me to share some of the things the Lord has shown me since coming to know him in 1991.  This blog is not a place for the dissemination of legal advice.  That being said, the messages I anticipate sharing will draw upon all of my  experiences, both good and bad, including my experiences as an attorney.  Throughout, my focus will be on the Lord and showing you His ways.  I hope those messages will be a blessing to you.

Recent Articles

  • Joshua Thomas: The Parson of the Islands – How One Man Changed the Course of History

    As you may know by now, I love history, particularly seeing God’s hand in history.  I am also a sucker for redemption stories.  So please bear with me while I share a great story that I came across recently. In the Summer of 2016, I spent a couple of months on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in a little town Continue Reading

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  • Water Baptism

    At our recent Ministers’ Convention, I had the privilege of baptizing a young man in water. In doing so, it reminded me of how many Christians do not understand the purpose and significance of baptism generally and water baptism specifically. Christian water baptism is not a baptism of repentance, like John the Baptist preached, but rather a baptism into the Continue Reading

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  • Who is a Minister?

    Who Is A Minister? Last week we held our annual Ministers’ Convention. It was a great week for all who attended as well as for those who listened to the messages remotely. Our focus was on First Timothy, though all were encouraged to read 1st & 2nd Timothy as well as Titus before coming, as those are Paul’s letters of Continue Reading

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My Journey

MINISTRY 1991 - present


From the time I came to know the Lord in 1991 until his death in January of 2017, I had the distinct privilege to disciple under Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. Much like Timothy, who discipled under the Apostle Paul, through discipleship I came to fully know Richard’s doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience..

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It was Richard’s preaching, backed by the Holy Spirit, that opened my heart to receive Jesus Christ as my Saviour and, under his tutelage, I have learned to likewise preach under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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Regular and frequent Bible studies, led by various ministers, were a staple of my diet as a young Christian. And, for decades now, they have been a significant part of the ministry the Lord has given me unto others....

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Just as we have the Bible, God’s Word in written form, because the Spirit of God moved upon men so today, God is still speaking to His Body (the Church) in written form today. When I first came to the Lord, I studied all of Richard’s writings. Over time, the Lord has opened a door of utterance for me to share His Word in written form....

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Like a vitamin fortified injection of faith and love, revivals are a special blessing of God to His Church. From the outset, revivals have been formative to my Christian walk....

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Preaching the Gospel in a myriad of ways and settings has always been central to Richard’s ministry. Over the years, I have likewise learned how to minister the love of Christ to the lost in the street, in the office, in the home, etc...

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Training Ministers

Just as the Apostle Paul equipped and trained ministers of Gospel, so has Richard done likewise. Over the years, it has been my privilege to join him in that endeavor, discipling ministers around the world and leading our annual ministers convention.

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MEDIA:  Radio, TV, Internet and Print 1979 to Present

Media: Radio, TV, Internet and Print

Beginning in my teen years, I had the wonderful experience of doing a little TV and radio. That created a comfort level in those media that the Lord has built upon, both in the secular commercial world and the religious realm, and expanded to include print publications and the Internet. My father was a news photographer in Washington D.C.  He covered the Presidents from Truman to Nixon for UPI and then, moving to the Washington Post, he covered Congress from Watergate to Iran Contra.  The experience of being around and interacting with famous people from my youth and having a father...

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